The Personality Number

The Looking-Glass Self is a social psychological concept which says self-awareness comes through self-image. First we imagine how we appear to others, then we imagine the judgement of that appearance and then, finally we develop our self-awareness through the judgement of others. Our personality as we project, is just a small display window to our true self. It only encompasses those qualities which we are comfortable to share with the outside world so that we are able to create a desired image of ourselves and suppress the qualities that we do not want to project immediately. Often the true self of a person is seen to be quite different from the projected self. It is only with time and trust, that a person begins to open up and you get to know who the person really is.

According to Pythagorean Numerology, it is the Personality Number which reveals how a person projects himself to the outside world. The Personality Number is calculated by adding the numeric values of all the consonants in a person’s full birth name and then reducing it to a single digit base vibration. For Example, say the name for which we would like to find this number is, Cecilia James. We have to follow the Pythagorean Alphabet Chart as shown below and find the numeric values of the consonants.

Once we know the numeric values of all the consonants, we have to add them in the way as shown below in the image:

The total of numeric values of all consonants comes to 15, which then reduces to 1 + 5 = 6. Hence the Personality Number in this case is written as 15/6.

While Calculating the total of consonants, we also have to remember the “Y” factor. In many names, “Y” is playing the role of a vowel sound, i.e. when it comes after a consonant. For example, in the name “Wendy”, “y” is coming after a consonant and is playing the role of a vowel, hence it should be considered as a vowel in that case. However, if we consider the name “Yasmin”, out there, “y” is playing the role of the first consonant.


A Thought on Master Numbers

While calculating any of the core numbers, if you happen to derive an 11 or any multiple of 11, which are double digit codes with the repeats of the same digits; i.e. 22, 33, 44, etc. In that case, that double digit code before the final reduction, would be called a Master Number and has to be retained to derive the finer meaning. Master Numbers are the higher vibrations of the final single digit base value. Master Numbers are called so, because that are more active, dual and have more potential, as compared to the other numbers. However, finally, the Master Number also has to be reduced to a single digit base value and studied, because if the Master Number doesn’t happen to play to its full potential, then it would play an equivalent to the single digit base value that it reduces to. In my description of core numbers from 1 to 9, I have written a description for the Master Numbers for all the even number base vibrations as they are more commonly found as compared to Master Numbers for odd number base vibrations which are more rare.  


Each base value from 1 to 9 as Personality Number has a special meaning. You can find the meaning of your Personality Number below:


Personality Number 1

A person with the Personality Number 1 appears to be different from the ordinary. He appears to be independent, individualistic, self-motivated and efficient. This person desires to look different and dresses differently from the crowd. Often due to this desire of trying to be different, this person is left alone. People bank upon such a person to do the job because of his effective appearance. They expect this person to be in control of any situation whatsoever. This person can also appear to be confrontational.


Personality Number 2

A person with the Personality Number 2 appears to be modest, peaceful and friendly. This person likes to remain in the background and work from behind the scene. He doesn’t seek limelight and is happy to become a part of the group because he feels incomplete alone. This person appears to be very supportive and co-operative and can be very popular with the opposite sex. He might also appear to be very emotional and to some extent over-sensitive.


Personality Number 11/2

This Personality Number has all the base qualities of the Personality Number 2, and with that, added sensitivity and nervous energy. A person with Personality Number 11/2 might appear to be very spiritually driven. He would seem to be a visionary who would be able to strongly inspire others and would have excellent understanding of human psychology. They can be excellent counselors and advisers when it is about others, but when it comes to their own lives, they may appear to be becoming very worried and could seem to be unable to make decisions.


Personality Number 3

A person with the Personality Number 3 appears to be very attractive and sociable. This person is very conscious of his appearance and loves to appear well dressed and well groomed. At the same time, he appears to be very warm and friendly also and loves to give advice to other, even if unsolicited. Communication would be a great talent that this person would have, and he would easily get noticed because of his presence and his ability of bringing joy to others. This may however, give rise to jealousy and this person has to be careful about that.


Personality Number 4

A person with the Personality Number 4 has a very serious and work-oriented attitude. People feel that they can count on this person to get their job done. He appears to be disciplined, methodical and reliable, and is always open to be learning something new and useful. He appears to be honest and hard-working. This person also appears to be loving his home, and the security that a family provides. He loves playing the provider and the protector of his loved ones.


Personality Number 22/4

A person with the Personality Number 22/4 has all the base qualities of 4, coupled with that, the vivid imaginative abilities of the 2. He would show ability to chase higher goals and handle bigger assignments. This person would always appear to be making a strong impression on people. He would be able to strongly influence people as well. People who would have confident personalities, would stick around. People with weaker personalities, may feel intimidated and would move away.


Personality Number 5

A person with the Personality Number 5, is a good communicator and is fun to be with. He would appear to be clever, witty, quirky, and very attractive to the opposite sex. This person would also show a lot of dynamic energy and would easily become the life of a party. A person with this Personality Number loves to dress up, exercise and tone his body. He also appears to be craving lot of adventure and excitement and can be having a strong sensual appetite.


Personality Number 6

A person with the Personality Number 6, appears to be very warm and protective about others. He is also very fond of his home and family and has great compatibility with children. He exudes a sense of responsibility and righteousness and has a comforting appearance which creates a sense of relief in others. People who are in need for healing, seek this person, so that they can unload their burdens.It is important for this person to see that he’s not being taken advantage of.


Personality Number 33/6

Personality Number 33/6 has all the base qualities of 6 and more. A person with the Personality Number 33/6 appears to be very altruistic. He is always eager to help and gives more than he receives. He is empathetic towards others and is always ready for a self-sacrifice. For him it is important to see that he is not being taken advantage of and the cause for which he stands, is genuine. This person too, like the 6 Personality, has a great equation with children.


Personality Number 7

A person with the Personality Number 7, creates an air of mystery and secrecy about himself for which people find it very difficult to understand him. This person appears to be the philosopher and thinker and likes to do introspection in solitude. People can sense his spiritual abilities. He can be silent, and sometimes when he is so,  people may think that his silence means that he is not paying attention, but, this person is a very keen observer and does not miss out on details.

Personality Number 8

A person with the Personality Number 8 appears to be strong, energetic, powerful and influential. This person shows a lot of authority and control over people. He appears to be affluent, successful, materialistic, business-minded and in control of all situations. This person also appears to be very hard-working and shows a lot of stamina. A person with this Personality number, has an eye for all the finer things in life and never settles for cheap products. It is possible that this person could also be flaunting his assets.


Personality Number 44/8

A person with the Personality Number 44/8 would show the base qualities of the Personality Number 8, but he would not be very flashy. He would be grounded, humble and practical. He would also be strongly methodical and extremely disciplined. This person would always have a plan of action prepared. He would know what and how he is going to do something clearly in his head, and would always go by his full-proof plan.


Personality Number 9

A person with the Personality Number 9 appears to be warm, friendly, charming, empathetic, wise and selfless. This person also appears to be very generous,  forgiving, tolerant and broad-minded, because of which he is liked by many people. People seem to be confiding in him. Even if he is not, he appears to be the in-charge of a place to the outsiders. This person appears to be a true humanitarian and seems to be wanting to make the world a better place by being helpful towards those in need.