The Soul Urge Numbers 1- 9

Often the influence of the Soul Urge Number/Soul Number is seen to be so strong, that it overpowers all the other numbers in a person’s blueprint. If you quickly want to understand what a person is really like, check his Soul Number.


Soul Urge #1

The Soul 1, wants to be the winner and the leader. This person wants to be the front runner in his field as he thrives on the thrill of winning and being in charge. This number also indicates a confident personality, strong individuality and a free thinker; a person who is never happy playing the second lead. This person is happiest when he gets appreciated and respected by all. To earn that respect, this number would continuously keep on giving his best, in the field that he chooses. Any kind of disrespect would not be tolerated. The Soul 1 would like to lead his life in his own terms.



Soul Urge #2

The Soul 2 wants love and cooperation. This person is very sensitive, gentle and tactful. He would be happy to play the follower and doesn’t desire to come to the forefront. This Soul would try his best to maintain peace and avoid controversies and confrontations. He is very sensitive himself, he would try his best to avoid hurting the feelings of others and would also expect the same from them. However, by taking advantage of his softness, if people tend to hurt him, this person can then become terribly manipulative.




Soul Urge #11/2

The Soul 11/2 yearns to be a healer and a visionary. 11/2 brings together the conflicting energies of 1 and 2. This person is both; a bit confrontational and also a bit go-in-between mediator. This person wants to settle conflicts, create harmony and make the world a better place. Many Soul 11/2s are seen to be born in families which possibly had turbulent atmosphere and since childhood, they deeply felt the pain of a parent who was suffering. For this reason, they understand the suffering of all other people. This person would also be very sensitive and would tend to get hurt very easily. He is also very intuitive and philosophical and often tends to think on spiritual and abstract terms. This person would be like an antennae for other people’s feelings and would be able to guess how other people feel even before they speak.




Soul Urge #3

The Soul 3 is very generous and creative. This person is very friendly, optimistic and outgoing. Such a person can be a great companion for anyone to have. Nothing would seem to deter his charm and optimism. This person would like to be happy and make others happy as well. Giving happiness to others, feels like fulfillment to this soul. This number is also the number of growth and expansion and a person with this as a soul, would continuously love to create and expand. It is important to see that the creative ideas also go hand in hand with practicality.




Soul Urge #4

The Soul 4 wants to be organized and methodical all the time. This person finds happiness in knowing that his base is solid and his future is totally secured. For that, he is willing to do any amount of hard work. He is grounded, unpretentious, practical and honest and believes in square deals. He is emotionally balanced and very dependable. However, he would not be very demonstrative of his affection. He likes to carefully analyze everything before coming to a conclusion, hence, dislikes being rushed into any decisions.



Soul Urge #22/4

The Soul 22/4, deep inside wishes to do something on a big scale; something that will have a profound impact on people. This person has the imagination of 2 along with the urge to build. However, it is important to remain practical and grounded. It has to be understood that, if someone chooses to accomplish a mammoth task, the challenges that come along, are also very big. Hence, unless a certain level of maturity is achieved in life, this number can cause a lot of restlessness of mind. Only with complete understanding of this power, can this person achieve greater goals.




Soul Urge #5

The Soul 5 is the lover of freedom. This person wants to come and go as he pleases and would not tolerate any limitations or restraints. This person also has a quick mind and easily gets bored, hence, he always looks for variety and new stimulation. This number also has a lot of curiosity and wants to uncover all the mysteries of the world. This soul also loves traveling and exploring newer horizons. Travel and exposure broadens his mind and there is then no place for narrowness.




Soul Urge #6

The Soul 6 is dedicated to helping and caring for those in his immediate circle, such as, his family and close friends. This soul is also extremely good with managing children. He is affectionate, empathetic and very loyal to those he loves. This person would work very hard to maintain domestic harmony and peace. Often this person is seen to be sacrificing his own personal needs in order to keep others happy. It is very important that such a person is appreciated for his efforts. He needs to feel important and needed.




Soul Urge #33/6

The Soul 33/6 is ever ready to sacrifice for others. This person is generous, idealistic and righteous and wants to help people and see that they are happy. If the Life Path and Destiny numbers of this person is not directed towards the path of humanitarianism, then the urge to sacrifice a bit too much for others, might play against this person, and situations could be created when he might have to take a back-seat, but the generous nature would still remain.




Soul Urge #7

The Soul 7 is happiest when he can be alone and can delve into the depths of his mind. He loves knowledge and insight. This person gets into the depth of any matter and has a natural tendency towards doing research work. The Soul 7 has a very spiritual base and could be joining the higher mystical order of life. The challenge that this soul has, is his inability to develop trust. He keeps getting deeper and deeper into a subject as he is unable to develop faith in the information that he already has collected.




Soul Urge #8

The Soul 8 is very ambitious and desires to attain total financial freedom. This person believes in achieving wealth, power and authority and would let no obstacle deter his will-power. He is willing to do any amount of hard work needed for that. He dreams of big projects and enormous rewards. He wishes deeply to rise above the crowd and reach to the top. This person is also drawn to all the finer things in life and has a very sophisticated taste. This soul knows that there is always a horizon for a bigger promise.




Soul Urge #44/8

This person wants to make practical, organized and materialistic plans from which the entire humanity can benefit. He would show enormous discipline, common sense and logic and would always advance in a well planned way. His approach would be conventional and well-proven and he would be willing to take up heavy responsibilities. At the same time, he would like to see that his efforts are always generating tangible and steady results.




Soul Urge #9

The Soul 9 is very wise, kind, compassionate and generous. This person finds fulfillment in helping others and desires to make the world a better place. The Soul 9 gives a very good memory to a person, hence, this person would also be very connected to his past and would find happiness when some old family issues will be resolved and all will be back together. He is also very sensitive, imaginative, idealistic and spiritual. This is a person who will be able to connect with people from almost all walks of life.