Destiny #1

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 1 is destined to become a very individualistic and independent personality. This person would become the pioneer and innovator in his field. He would be confident and courageous and would have an unusual approach towards doing things. His ways would be completely original. This person would want to be the best at what he does and would like to be the in- charge. He would also show natural leadership abilities and others wouldn’t mind following him. Being a Destiny 1, it is important for a person to always remember that self-reliance and determination would be his keys to success.



Destiny #2

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 2 is destined to play the role of a peacemaker and a follower. A person with a 2 as the Destiny Number, is seen to be very kind and compassionate and instinctively seeks love and companionship in life. Such a person is destined to bring people together and play the role of a mediator. With these qualities, this person can also become an integral part of the organization that he works for. However, it is important to not get overwhelmed with compassion. The 2 Destiny can also lead a person to become an ambassador to foreign nations with a mission to create a better world. This vibration also has strong intuitive qualities and can be very spiritual.



Destiny #11/2

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 11/2 is a master number vibration and is more highly charged as compared to the Destiny 2. However, it also reduces to a 2 base value finally, hence, all the qualities of 2, shall be present in this number coupled with qualities if repeat 1s. This vibration is destined to be very intuitive and has very strong psychic abilities. Because of the presence of repeat 1s in the double digit code, this number also has some leadership qualities. 11/2 is also the number of limelight, hence, this vibration would receive fame at some point in its life. A person with this vibration always has an inner sense that he is different from the rest. However, because of this abstract feeling, one should not consider others to be any inferior. 



Destiny #3

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 3 is here on this planet, to inspire and motivate people. People would see this person as someone who is full of life and charm. This vibration is destined to become very gifted with words. This person would have vivid imagination and strong creativity which might lead this person towards getting into professions related to arts, theater, writing or public speaking. This person would show some natural bounce and love of life, through which he would be naturally able to inspire people. However, the flip side of this vibrations is; it could be a bit too generous. It is important to develop concentration and focus, so that energies and resources are not scattered.



Destiny #4

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 4 is destined to build tangible, practical and useful products or foundations. This person might not be very expressive or entertaining, but, is the real builder and doer of the society. The number 4 is all about order, system and method, hence, this person would be very disciplined and orderly. He would like to take his time, make solid plans and then go forward with them. Making impulsive decisions would not work for him. This person would be very reliable, stable and responsible, but can be a bit rigid towards accepting new or unproven ideas.



Destiny #22/4

The Destiny Number/Expression Number22/4, is the higher vibration of 4. If 4 is the builder, 22/4 is the master builder. The 22/4 Destiny has the organized force of 4 coupled with the imagination of 2, because of which this person would be able to think of totally unconventional ideas. This person would dream big and would wish to be a part of mass movements. Master numbers always have an undying urge to make a mark in this world. They have more power and more potential. However, if because of this urge, a person with a master number, begins to consider others inferior, he would be then building hindrances in his own path. 



Destiny #5

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 5 is destined to lead a life of change and adventure. This person will find progress, when he will be more comfortable with changing situations. He will visit many places, meet many people and live life to its fullest. He has to develop adaptability and the willingness to keep on adopting new concepts. Life would be like a playground with this number, but, it is also important to develop certain discipline and focus so that overindulgence is avoided.



Destiny #6

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 6 is destined to become the individual who would place the needs of his loved ones and his family before his own needs. This person would also make an exemplary parent and a dutiful spouse. Harmony and beauty would be very important for this person and he would love to have a very well-decorated and comfortable home. This vibration also has delicate diplomacy and strong managerial skills and can efficiently deal with people.



Destiny #33/6

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 33/6 is the higher vibration of the 6 base value. If 6 has a tendency of putting others needs before his own, 33/6 is on a mission of complete self-sacrifice. This vibration can be called the teacher of all teachers, the master teacher. With his idealism, compassion, self-sacrifice, courage and tireless energy, this person would be able to inspire many others. He would be able to show patience in difficult situations and would accept his responsibilities without expecting any reward or appreciation for it.



Destiny #7

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 7 is here on this planet to become a thinker and philosopher. This person is destined to seek the meaning of life. He is very spiritual and has strong psychic abilities. He would need a lot of solitude to delve into the depths of his mind and come up with brilliant ideas which can reveal some of the mysteries of life. This vibration is gifted with a highly analytical and research driven mind, and is driven by the desire for knowledge and truth.



Destiny #8

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 8 is an achiever on the material plane. In this life, this person is here, to learn all about money. This person would not lead an ordinary life. Usually seen to be a late bloomer, but, can reach great heights of success when he would begin to believe that his needs would always be provided for by the Universe. This is the number of great ambition and stamina. Through his own efforts, this person would be able to create a great fortune for himself.



Destiny #44/8

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 44/8 is the higher vibration of 8. A person with this vibration is destined to serve the material needs of the world through his methodical, practical and productive techniques. A person with this vibration would show determination, discipline,  common sense, logic, perseverance and the ability to make the best of any given situation. This vibration would be totally dedicated towards finding practical and materialistic solutions for all. 



Destiny #9

The Destiny Number/Expression Number 9 is destined to become a humanitarian whose purpose would be to make the world a better place for all. This person would show a lot of compassion and would wish to achieve a world where there is less suffering. He will be generous, righteous and idealistic and would have a mission of bringing justice to all. He would also be willing to sacrifice to any extent for his cause. He would be broad-minded and would be able to mingle with people from all walks of life. This is a number which is destined to win people’s support, as people would feel that, this is the person to whom they can turn to, in times of crisis.