Who are you? What is your true identity? What makes you different from others?

Whether you are a father, a son, a teacher, a student, a doctor or a patient, the society has created a stereotype for each of these social roles that you could be playing in your life. In our minds, we consider fitting into a stereotype to be ideal. However, the concept of “ideal” or “perfect” is a myth. Each one of us is unique in his own way and has a unique purpose to serve in this Universe. That which arises as “I” in our minds, could be far away from any conventional image that we know of. “I” is the awareness which was created over a passage of time by collecting information through various influences.

Awareness is not a physical object. It is an energy. And like every other form of energy, this too is not visible to the naked eyes, however, the effects of it can be seen and felt. The first law of Thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. Similarly, our awareness too, is not bound to a single form or a single body. It is possible for it to transcend from one form to another, or one body to another. Our awareness is a collection of information which has transcended many lifetimes. It was always there and always will be; evolving further and further to higher and higher states of consciousness.

Our present state of evolution can be seen in the codes from our birth. Pythagorean Numerology breaks down our present state of evolution into five core numbers which are derived from our birth date and birth name. Once we gain a knowledge of our core numbers, we would begin to have new realizations about our true potentials and limitations. Each one of us is born with a unique combination of numbers which can have unique possibilities of its own.

The five core numbers are:

The Life Path Number
The Destiny Number
The Soul Number
The Personality Number
The Birthday Number