Life Path #1

The person with a Life Path 1, has to learn to be self motivated, independent, strong-willed, creative and original. He has to learn to always move forward and never turn back. It is important to learn, what the number 1 stands for. The qualities of the number 1, has to be allowed to fully play in life in order to find fulfillment. With this Life Path, it is important to have the courage to see beyond the beaten path and emerge as a true individual. It is difficult for a 1 Life Path to work in partnership with someone as it instinctively doesn’t like to play the subordinate. The 1 vibration finds its own motivation from within itself and has tremendous driving force and energy. A person with this Life Path would also show strong leadership abilities once their personality is fully developed. He would also have a good degree of determination and stubbornness. Once he makes up his mind, nothing would stand in his way. It is possible that this person can become too egocentric and proud at some point in life. It is important to incorporate qualities of humility and gratitude and refrain from acting out of plain impulse.



Life Path #2

The person with a Life Path 2, has to learn to be more persuasive and diplomatic. Being confrontational and forceful would not work in his favor. This person should learn to play a supportive role to those in leadership positions. 2 is known to be the power behind the throne, hence, this person would find success, when he acts behind the scenes and doesn’t come to the forefront more often. This number also works very well in partnerships as it is instinctively very warm and co-operative. It is very important for this Life Path to learn about the qualities of number 2 and allow it to fully play in their lives. This person should be empathetic and considerate towards people, however, becoming over-sensitive should be avoided. This person must avoid conflicts, build peace and bring people together. There is also seen to be some natural psychic abilities that the people with this Life Path have and they can be involved in some way with astrology, numerology, tarot reading, etc.



Life Path #11/2

11/2 is the higher vibration of 2 and is known to be a Master Number vibration. A person with this Life Path has more potential. He has to learn to cultivate in his character, the empathy, intuition, compassion and diplomacy of 2, coupled with the driving force and enthusiasm of 1. 11/2 demands higher standards of perfection and it is often more difficult to achieve it. As a result, this person might instinctively feel that he has some special qualities, very different from the rest and is meant to perform a special task in this world. But, unless he attains maturity, he wouldn’t know how he could be correctly handling this enormous power. He could be believing that the ordinary is not worthy enough and he is meant to be doing something more than ordinary. And this can build a lot of pressure in the mind, for which this is the most difficult vibration to handle. It is important to learn patience and at the same time have the adaptability to make quick on the spot decisions. This vibration can bring fame in some way, but, the word fame should not get into the head, or else, it can be dangerous. Rather, it has to be realized that the true superiority, is having the ability to be kind to all.



Life Path #3

The 3 Life Path has to find ways to express itself freely. This person has to learn and develop his ability with words and his optimism. A person with this Life Path will do best in intellectual or artistic endeavors where there would be lot of scope to express creativity and connect with people. The qualities of the number 3, has to be allowed to fully play in life. 3 is about being fun, expressive, romantic and a bit dramatic. A 3 person always keeps on looking for ways to make life more interesting. In personal relationships, they are emotional, inspiring and very loyal. Often it is seen that a person with this Life Path is multi-talented, or is an all-rounder. However, becoming the jack of all trades and the master of none, has to be avoided and concentration should be put on specialization in one particular direction. It is also important that this person does not get himself confined or restricted. This person needs the freedom to think and act and would work best when allowed to think completely on his own. At the same time, it is also important to incorporate some amount of discipline as well, or else there can be a danger of scattering the wonderful creative energies.




Life Path #4

A person with a 4 Life Path, has to learn to be humble, practical, methodical and disciplined. 4 is the number of logic, system and stability and these qualities have to be allowed to play fully in life. A person with this Life Path has to know that he has to build solid foundations on which he can base his life. He should not get carried away by superficial things and must remain grounded. Success to this person would come by following a practical step-by-step procedure. Short-cut methods to quick money would not work. Foundations that last long are built steadily with time. The 4 Life Path instinctively has a way with handling machines as well. They like to continuously keep on learning by disintegrating and re-building as a result of which, they tend to gain complete knowledge of how the mechanism works. They are instinctively slow with their decision making, as they try to think up all the possibilities in their minds before they act. Most often they tend to think a bit too much and are very scared of criticism.




Life Path #22/4

22/4 is the higher vibration of 4. A person with this Life Path often instinctively feels the urge to achieve things in a big way. 22/4 is a number which indicates monumental imagination and has the potential to become most successful of all Life Path numbers. The 22/4 Life Path, is called the path of the Master Builder, and this path, often requires dramatic evolution. When the goals are higher, challenges too are bigger. The 22/4 Life Path creates a philanthropist who wishes to build a better world for all. This number also has immense leadership qualities and can efficiently deal with large groups of people. It is possible to attain enormous wealth and power with this number, just that, the expansive imaginations have to be tuned with practicality and reason. It is also important to guard against extremes, and use resources wisely. Most Master Numbers are difficult to deal with, during the initial phases of life. It is only after certain maturity is achieved in life, that a person begins to realize the true potential of these numbers. In case, the true potential is not realized, the Master Number shall play an equivalent to the single digit base code that it reduces to.



Life Path #5

The Life Path 5, is the path of change and freedom. With this number, it is important to learn to be adaptable, as progress in life will come through the ability to cope up with changing situations. Times of transition will become stepping stones to success. It is seen that this Life Path number, usually creates a very clever and broad-minded person, who doesn’t have very rigid views about life and is ready experiment with new possibilities. People with this Life Path are often seen to be very keen readers because of which, they happen to gain a good amount of fluency with words and expressions. This person would know how to most cleverly place his ideas. This person will also derive great excitement out of meeting new people and visiting unseen places. There is a lot of charm and charisma that this number naturally has. 5 is all about the celebration of life, and a person with this Life Path, would instinctively always keep himself ready for a celebration. This number needs a lot of space to explore and grow. If put under restrains, this person may violently oppose to it; he’d rather be dead than caged or bored.




Life Path #6

The Life Path 6, is the path of responsibility towards family and community. There is also a concern that this person will have towards uplifting the weak and oppressed of the society and try to bring justice to them. It is in his nature to take responsibility and care for others and he should not turn away even from personal sacrifice if needed. However, it is important to learn to balance these emotions; Personal sacrifice has to be balanced by the differentiation between the needed and not-needed. If one keeps on sacrificing a bit too much, at one point he will be exhausted. Assistance should not become interference, idealism should not become too preachy and righteousness should not become insistence. The art of delicate discretion has to be learnt.  6 also gives a lot of magnetism to a person, and it is often seen to be much more than just physical beauty. People are just drawn to this person for his instinctive ability to comfort and heal them. A person with this Life Path is also seen to be having strong sense of beauty, balance and symmetry and can choose to settle for a creative profession as well.




Life Path #33/6

33/6 is the higher vibration of 6 and is known as the number of the Master Teacher. Through his idealism and energy, the 33/6 person can lead others to a higher realm of existence. With 33/6 coming as the Life Path number, a person will follow the path of protecting the world. This person would show a huge degree of compassion and generosity. He would also strongly desire to stay close to nature and for that reason, he might even end up choosing a career in agriculture. He would then wish to produce food in a large scale so that he is able to serve the needy people with lowest  costs. He would also have strong optimism and a power to beautifully heal people, because of which, he may even choose a career in medicine. The 33/6 person is also always ready to sacrifice for others. It is necessary to practice some emotional stability so that sacrifice is not made for just about any cause, even if not worthy of it. That ways, this person may end up taking too much responsibility without getting any appreciation or acknowledgement for it. If the 33/6 Master Number doesn’t play to its full potential, then this Life Path shall play like the Life Path 6.




Life Path #7

The Life Path 7 is the path of the seeker. This person has come to this dimension to learn about developing faith. The word “faith” doesn’t imply that he has to blindly believe in some religion, but, he has to find a conviction, or some deep trust on either an idea, or a person in some way. The 7 guy, instinctively finds it difficult to trust anything or anyone. He always feels there is more to something than what meets the eye, and keeps on reading in-between the lines. As a result, he is in a continuous look out for the truth; researching, observing and accumulating more knowledge. At the same time, he is also trying to delve into the depths of his own mind, looking for answers to the most profound questions. 7 is the path of a philosopher, spiritualist, intellectual and an observer. This person would show strong psychic abilities and would be able to see beyond the normal range. This is a bright, intelligent and a very intense number, which needs occasional moments of solitude, so that ideas can germinate into amazing discoveries. A person with this life path, would also be seen to be very secretive. It is highly possible, that this person could be strongly attracted to the mysterious and phenomenal side of life and the occult sciences. He would like to have his own private space with no intrusion. In his own private space, he would like to concentrate upon and dissect his ideas to create great concepts.




Life Path #8

The Life Path 8, is the path of power, materialism and ambition. A person with this life path, wants to establish complete financial security for himself and for the people around him. He understands that in this world, the importance of money, is like food. The way you cannot survive for days without food, you cannot last long without money. To achieve his goals and financial freedom, he is ready to work very hard and would also like to make sure that people around him work hard too. Through his efforts, this person will be able to accumulate great power and wealth. However, he could be seen to be a bit late bloomer. A person with this life path, also has natural leadership and executive abilities. This person also has strong business acumen and the foresight to chase long range goals; with a greater vision and purpose. He also has an eye for all the sophisticated and finer things in life. It is important to remember for a person with an 8 life path, that 8 is a very dual number. This number never gives an average life, and can show major ups and downs in life. This number (8) has a circle on the top and one at the bottom; which can be seen as degeneration and regeneration. When it is turned by 90 degrees, this becomes the symbol of infinity. Hence, if with this life path, you happen to notice that something doesn’t work for you at the first go, it is okay to stop chasing it stubbornly and decide upon taking a complete 90 degree turn. With a turn, infinite abundance can be easily activated.



Life Path #44/8

The number 44/8, is the higher vibration of 8. 44/8 is the path of the Master Planner and it demands complete mental control over all issues in life. It is the number of order, method, hard work, emotional stability and discipline. With this number, it becomes extremely important to always stick to practicality, logic and orderliness in all areas of life. This is a number which demands concrete and substantial results to all the efforts that are being put. This person needs to see, whatever he does, has some practical and logical use for all. He has to learn to make solid plans in advance and only then work upon it. It is also important to have a conventional and risk-averse approach towards life. Getting too carried away with very creative ideas, might work against this life path. Discipline has to be brought in all sections of life. Our body is the home for our soul, and also has to be taken care of. Routine exercise and diet plans are necessary, at the same time, it is important to see, that the body doesn’t suffer due to over-work.  This person can become an inspiration to others with his resourcefulness and common sense, and would help them to set their lives in order.




Life Path #9

9 is considered to be the highest vibration of all and the most evolved number in numerology. It is considered that this number has the wisdom of all the other numbers. Hence, the 9 Life Path, is the path of insight, perception, knowledge, understanding, kindness and patience. This vibration is at the peak of all the other vibrations, and is here on this plane to follow the path of compassion and take others to a higher realm of existence. This vibration is ruled by an undying determination to achieve its goals, but, the strong will, is softened by its empathy and tolerance towards mankind. This Life Path, is the path of high ideals and a person with this, has a strong driving force towards chasing the higher goals of perfection. This person has to learn to be generous and broad-minded and has to deal with people from all walks of life. Due to such strong ideals and drive for perfection, this person might be prone towards facing the jealousy of his acquaintances. People might see him as showing the attitude of patronizing his superiority over them, but he doesn’t necessarily intend to do so. Even if people resent his perfection, he is supposed to avoid feelings of retribution, because if he indulges in such ideas, they would definitely play against him. He has to remember to follow the path of compassion and forgiveness.