As the new year opens, we stand yet again at the gates of hope, looking with curiosity at what the year 2020 has in store for us. With 2020, we enter into the new decade which will have so much unfolding. 2020 has two 2s, each one followed by a 0. The 0 acts as a God Power, further enhancing the qualities of repeating 2s.

The number 2 stands for Spirituality, Love, Togetherness, Relationships, and Balance. Hence, all these aspects surely are going to be playing strongly during the course of the year. This is the time when people would begin paying attention to close relationships.

2 also stands for hidden elements and politics. It indicates a fog, perplexity or lack of clarity. This year will have events where there will be hidden elements and a lot of behind the scenes politics.

The overall code for the year reduces to (2+0+2+0 ) 4. The number 4 represents Method, Order, Stability, Responsibility, Home base, Practicality, Security and Tangible results. It is the number of the builders and the workers. The overall focus of the year, due to this, would also be towards securing foundations for the future and building some strong, solid base. You are asked to follow a methodical, practical, tried and tested path. You are asked to keep emotional balance and deal with upcoming situations by using your common sense. You need to base all your plans and actions on rational grounds.

That was just a part of the story and a general description of the year as a whole. In the video blog, I also cover your personal numerology forecast, where you would be able to find more specific points for yourself. Please watch the log to know more.