Beyond the Horizon of Impossible, lies the Infinite…


Pythagorean Numerology, as a Thumb Rule, reduces all codes to a final Single Digit Code which is represented by the numbers from 1 to 9. However, if the original code before reduction appears to be repeat of the same digit (i.e. 11 or any multiple of 11), in that case, it is considered to be a Master Number Code. Such numbers have a special importance in Numerology. These numbers are seen to be very highly charged and hence, are difficult to handle. It is only with maturity and efforts that a person learns to manage this super-power given to them by the Universe.

It is a common notion that there are only two Master Numbers, namely 11 and 22. In my opinion, every double digit code where a number repeats itself is more highly charged, and hence, can be called a Master Number vibration. Given below are descriptions to more commonly found Master Numbers in blue-prints:


The Master Number 11/2

The  Master Number 11/2 is known to be the number of intuition, foresight and spirituality. A person with this as a core number is always seen to be intrigued by mysticism, occult and philosophy. This number also stands for pronounced imagination and creativity. A person with this number tends to be a visionary of some kind, and often is seen to be highly emotional and idealistic. A person with 11 as a core number, feels great degree of compassion for people and understands their needs. He also feels the need to inspire, uplift and heal those in need.

11/2 also is known to be the number of limelight. With this number, a person has strong chances of achieving fame and recognition.  With this number, it is important to direct energies towards some sort of metaphysical discipline. Once a person learns to do that, he will be able to tap great potential of this powerful vibration within him more easily.He will feel more confident and more in control of his life.

On the negative side, the super power of this number might totally go untapped. In that case, this number will play the role of base vibration 2, which stands for love and cooperation. This person might then play the role of the peacemaker and the go-in-between mediator avoiding the aspect of limelight completely.

It is often seen that people with this vibration find it difficult to make decisions or choices in life because the person is able to see both sides of a situation and sometimes also the hidden aspects. Because of this, he plays a better adviser than a decision maker himself. However, at some point it is important to rely on one’s own abilities to be able to cope up with any upcoming situation. If this vibration is not handled correctly, it can lead to shyness and lack of self-confidence. The person also can be over-sensitive and might get hurt too easily. When hurt, he could also be manipulative.  Watch the video log to learn more about this powerful vibration:



The Master Number 22/4

The number 22/4 is known as the number of the Master Builder. It has the practicality of 4 coupled with the vivid imagination of 2. This number can be experienced as its higher vibration 22, if not, it will then play the role of the base vibration 4. Or it could also be fluctuating between 22 and 4. Many numerologists claim 22 to be the most powerful of all the Master Numbers. A person with 22/4 as a core number often is seen to be a genius, and always imagines things on a grand scale. And often, this person also shows the potential to turn those grand visions into reality. This is the person who is able to come up with solutions to the problems which others consider to be unsolvable. This person is very different from the rest. He would have very strong opinions and profound wisdom, and if he is also  mature enough to handle this super-power of 22, he could be contributing towards shaping the way the world would work. He would be hard-working, honest and ethical in dealing with people.

This number gives the potential to accrue vast wealth and power on a world-wide scale. But, as they say, with great power comes great challenges as well; and the biggest challenge that a person with 22/4 as a core number faces is; learning to handle the pressure that this number brings along. This person strongly believes he supposed to be doing something grand and not ordinary, for which he may refuse to begin on a small scale and then take it up. What if all his great ideas languish? What if he’s not able to make it that big? These are the questions which may create immense pressure in his mind. To prove his point, he could also be imagining impractical plans with little future. Watch the video log to learn more about this powerful vibration:



The Master Number 33/6

The number 33/6 is called the Christ Consciousness vibration and the word “Saviour” resonates to it. “Saviour” indicates the person who saves us from all the evil in this word. When the Master Number 33/6 comes as a core number for a person, he is seen to be very generous and self-sacrificing. This is the person who lives for higher goals, wants to take others to a higher realm of existence and make the world a better place. This person does not fear martyrdom for his ideals and is always ready to face the consequences of his idealism. He is the one wh0 spreads light and shows bravery in the most difficult situations. This person is also very tolerant and accepts all the responsibilities placed upon him happily. At the same time, he is also a great optimist and communicator and shows a lot of creativity in expressing his ideas. He is very friendly, compassionate  and versatile,  always ready to help those in need.

The negative side of this vibration could be that this person may end up helping everyone he meets and sacrificing himself for causes which would not be worthy of it. By doing so, he may waste his resources and scatter his energies. He would take endless responsibilities  and get no appreciation in return. Sacrificing oneself for any cause whatsoever can also lead to self-destruction and escapades through addictions.

This is a person who strongly feels he is born in here for a special mission. When he is unable to realize his higher mission in life, he can be truly unhappy. It has to be understood that Master Numbers are difficult to handle during early life of a person. These are more active numbers and need more maturity to deal with. Only when a person experiences life and matures, do these numbers begin to show their true potential. Watch the log to learn more about this powerful number:



The Master Number 44/8

The Master Number 44/8 is the number of strong discipline and focus. A person with this as a core number, is able to put such great levels of concentration and determination after his goals that anything he sets his mind on, can be achieved by him. 44/8 creates a very strong business number. With this as a core number, a person becomes a steady worker and an efficient planner. He is able to completely control his emotions even during the most tense situations. He is able to make the best out of any troubled situation given to him. This person has a lot of common sense and thoroughly knows how the material world works. He wants to make sure that all his efforts are based on strong logic, and they bring him productive outputs. The intuitive and creative side of the mind, however, is usually seen to be a bit dormant with this number. It is mostly seen that this person follows the conventional and proven path.

The 44/8 creates a strong workaholic. This person may get so much lost in his work, that he may ignore his health. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of the obsession with work. Instead of becoming completely materialistic, it is necessary for this person to follow some bare minimum spiritual discipline. Once this person is able to gain some spiritual awareness, he can address to the higher aspects of this number which contribute towards making the world a better place through sharing the ideas of efficiently managing finances with the people of the world. Once this person learns to share his vision to empower others, he can find true fulfillment. To learn more about this wonderful number, watch the video log: