I’m presenting to you my first book which introduces the art of Pythagorean Numerology to keen Numerology beginners. This book aims at introducing you to the great science of Pythagorean Numerology and connects you to some of the most basic patterns of your blueprint through which you will be able to expand your awareness and face your inner conflicts with confidence. You no more need to see your life as a jigsaw puzzle as all the missing pieces are about to fall in place.

The beauty of Numerology is, it simplifies the chaos and makes all of it fall in a pattern. Looking inside becomes very simple when you break yourself down into some simple number codes.

The most potent form of energy is how we think. Our thoughts are cosmic waves penetrating all time-space. They are free to go anywhere anytime. Where we send them, how we think, and how we act upon, creates who we are. Everything around us is just a matter of one kind of energy interacting with another. When the two energies are compatible, the interaction is harmonious, while when two energies are incompatible, there is discord. Through this book, you learn to be more at peace with yourself and widen the domain of your influence.

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