Destiny #1

The Destiny/Expression 1 is destined to become a very individualistic and independent personality. This person would become the pioneer and innovator in his field. He would be confident and courageous and would have an unusual approach towards doing things. His ways would be completely original. This person would want to be the best at what he does and would like to be the in- charge. He would also show natural leadership abilities and others wouldn't mind following him. Being a Destiny 1, it is important for a person to always remember that self-reliance and determination would be his keys to success.



Destiny #2

The Destiny/Expression 2 is destined to play the role of a peacemaker and a follower. A person with a 2 as the Destiny Number, is seen to be very kind and compassionate and instinctively seeks love and companionship in life. Such a person is destined to bring people together and play the role of a mediator. With these qualities, this person can also become an integral part of the organization that he works for. However, it is important to not get overwhelmed with compassion. The 2 Destiny can also lead a person to become an ambassador to foreign nations with a mission to create a better world. This