The Magnificence of 3, 6 and 9

Marching soldiers are cautioned to break stride on a bridge, because if they march in unison and match the natural frequency of the vibration of the bridge, the bridge will then come crashing down. Every physical entity, however much solid it is; whether it is a building, a rock or a bridge, has a natural frequency of vibration. They might seem to be immovable, but they are in reality moving. When you apply any force at the same frequency in which they are vibrating, the natural frequency of the object will then become amplified. This phenomenon is called mechanical resonance. From this we can conclude that every physical reality can be interpreted by a vibration, because everything is actually vibrating, or in other words, spinning. The earth is spinning, the planets are spinning, the sun is spinning, the solar system itself is spinning. If we come to the microcosm, here too, all is spinning; the protons, neutrons and electrons are spinning.

Numbers are basically some symbols which we use to identify specific patterns. They have no physical existence. As a matter of fact, mathematics itself is a subject of abstraction. However, the beauty of numbers is that, they can convey all information about the physical phenomena existing around us. Hence, each number can be connected to a vibration or a spin.

The great scientist Sir Nikola Tesla is often known as one of the history’s most important inventors. His discoveries were considered to be way ahead of his time. These discoveries continue to influence technology even today. He strongly believed that the numbers 3, 6 and 9 present a mystery of an unexplained pattern in the Universe…