The Destiny Number

In a 2013 experiment at Emory University, United States; Scientists applied electric shock to mice as they exposed them to the smell of cherry blossoms. The mice then bred, and it was seen that both, the children and the grandchildren of the mice affected by the trauma, showed an instinctive fear of cherry blossoms the very first time they smelled them. From the study, it could be concluded to some extent, that our memory could be impacting our genetic material, and then, it could be carried forward to our next generations through our DNA.

Talented people who are extraordinarily gifted, without any rigorous training in the field, might have actually inherited the memory of an ancestor, through their DNA. Our deepest instincts, could actually be the lessons learnt by our ancestors. Possibly, this is what we can call a transmigration of souls. Destiny, which is known as a mystical hidden power which controls all future events in our lives, possibly is a simple logical culmination of our inherited talents.

In Pythagorean Numerology, this inheritance of personal history, up to the moment of our birth, is said to be reflected by the first full names given to us. Whatever our history has been, has shaped our present at this moment. Our instincts and intuitions are nothing, but the inherited information that we already have due to the process of evolution. Our Name Number, which is also known as Destiny or Expression Number, reflects our entire physical and mental constitution; Our set of strengths, as well as, weaknesses. It is through this set of talents and missing elements, that we would be predestined to choose our aims in life.

The Expression Number or the Destiny Number is calculated by adding the numeric values of all the letters in our full birth name. We have to consider the full name; First, middle (if we have) and last, all of it, and find the numeric values of the letters from the Pythagorean English Alphabet Chart as provided below.

Say, the name that we consider is, Cecilia James, we have to follow the method shown in the image below to find the Expression/Destiny/Name Number:

As you can see above, the addition of all the letters basically means the addition of the Soul Number and the Personality Number. Hence, if we have already derived those two numbers, we can simply add the two, to find the Name Number. You can also refer to the video log below:

A Thought on Master Numbers

While calculating any of the core numbers, if you happen to derive an 11 or any multiple of 11, which are double digit codes with the repeats of the same digits; i.e. 22, 33, 44, etc. In that case, that double digit code before the final reduction, would be called a Master Number and has to be retained to derive the finer meaning. Master Numbers are the higher vibrations of the final single digit base value. Master Numbers are called so, because that are more active, dual and have more potential, as compared to the other numbers. However, finally, the Master Number also has to be reduced to a single digit base value and studied, because if the Master Number doesn’t happen to play to its full potential, then it would play an equivalent to the single digit base value that it reduces to. In my description of core numbers from 1 to 9, I have written a description for the Master Numbers for all the even number base vibrations as they are more commonly found as compared to Master Numbers for odd number base vibrations which are more rare.