There is no such thing as a completely new start, and anything new arrives at the heels of something old; every beginning comes at the cost of an ending. It is time when we are standing at the closure of the year 2018 and a fresh new year 2019 is waiting to unfold, and suddenly we automatically know, it is time to start a new chapter and trust the magic of beginnings. But, before we begin, it is always useful to know what all are the things that we could plan and do to make the upcoming year work in our favor, because it is always good to start a new chapter without fear.

There are no stereotyped forecasts fitting any categories and each person would have a different forecast for the year, specific to himself. The first step towards finding your personal forecast, is calculating your Attitude Number, which is simply the addition of your Day of Birth and your Month of Birth reduced to a single digit. For example, if your birthday is 24th of August 1995, your Attitude Number will be 24 + 8 = 32 = 3 + 2 = 5. This number can be further used to calculate the Personal Year which is the addition of the Attitude Number and the Ongoing Year number. 2019 reduces to 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. So, the Personal Year number for 2019 for the above mentioned case would be 5 + 3 = 8. It is important to note that the Personal Year cycle for 2019 will begin for this person from his birthday onward, hence, the Personal Year 8 in this case will begin from 24th of August 2019. This brings us to the question, what will be his Personal Year number before that time? Well, before 24th of August 2019, the year will carry forward the energies of 2018 for which the running Personal Year will be 5 + (2+0+1+8) = 7. It is similar to your age changing on your birthday. Before your birthday, you carry forward your previous age even when the Universal Year number changes. Your Birthday is a very important day in your life because all your cycles are going to begin for you from your birthday onward.

Once you have found your Attitude Numbers, you may find the forecast specific to you as per your Attitude Number, provided below:



If your Attitude Number is 1, you will see the commencement of Personal Year 4 from your upcoming birthday onward. Till your birthday, the Personal Year 3 will be running for you. As long as the Personal Year 3 will be active, it will be time for you to express yourself freely, experience life, socialize, make friends, be optimistic and lead more of a carefree life. However, you have to be careful of not becoming a bit too extravagant because the challenge that the year 3 brings is, you might be scattering your energies and resources. Some discipline will strongly help.

Once again, Personal Year 4 for you will begin from your birthday onward, and after the freewheeling and carefree energy of the Personal Year 3, the year 4 will be a time for you to solidify your foundations, secure your future and organize your life. No corner of your life will be safe from your organizing energy. The more you will organize, the more your life will be falling in place. There could also be a lot of budgeting, arranging funds, etc. You could be planning to invest in land or property. It is a very good time for that. Whatever you choose to do, you should try to have a practical, grounded and a logical approach towards life. Do not be flighty and do not take speculative risks thinking that you could be getting quick success. Remember that during the 4 time success will slowly happen through a logical and methodical process.



If your Attitude Number is 2, you will see the commencement of the Personal Year 5 from your birthday onward. Till your birthday, the Personal Year 4 will be running for you. As long as the Personal Year 4 is going to be active, it will be the time for you to stay grounded and follow a logical and methodical path. You have to solidify your foundations, keep securing your future and save the funds for a good investment plan. The year 4 can be strongly about budgeting, arranging and saving funds as well. It will be a time for setting everything in order and no corner of your life will be safe from your organizing energy.

As soon as the Personal Year 5 begins for you, i.e. from your upcoming birthday onward, horizons will begin to widen and opportunities will begin to knock your door. The year 5 will be about meeting many people and having varied experienced. The year will have a faster momentum as compared to the momentum of the previous Personal Year. All of a sudden you may see that your popularity is rising and people are in need of you. Your communication abilities are going to increase and you are likely to become more magnetic. All in all, during this year, the elements of change and adventure will play in full swing. It can be said that the year of organizing and arranging, i.e. the Personal Year 4, itself was the opening to this doorway. If you have successfully put things in order during the course of previous Personal Year, the Personal Year 5 shall bring for you many surprises and rewards. You have to really look into your life now and decide if you really like the direction in which you are heading? If not, then you must use the opportunities that come along, to bring about a change. Paths will open up and you will begin to see solutions to some long standing problems. Just that, you have to be careful about not wasting your resources.



If your Attitude Number is 3, the Personal Year 6 will begin for you from your birthday onward. Till your birthday, the Personal Year 5 will be running. The Personal Year 5 is a freewheeling time when you meet many people and undergo many experiences. It has a lot of restless energy and a very fast momentum. It activates a cycle of change and adventure, and opens a doorway to widening horizons. You see many opportunities coming your way and feel needed. Your communication abilities and magnetism grows.

After the restless energy of the Personal Year 5, the Personal Year 6 will bring your attention towards the home front. If 5 was about activity and change, the year 6 will be about finding harmony and reaching an equilibrium. During the Personal Year 6, there can be changes in the domestic scene. Family members may enter or leave home, babies could be born, or someone close to you could start having health issues and would need your assistance. Other things which could happen are; you could be remodeling or decorating your house, or maybe even shifting your base. Your body is also a home to your soul, so, maybe you could start feeling interested in styling your body. Beauty and harmony are very important aspects of the year 6. The Personal Year 6 also brings attention to relationships and partnerships. In case there is lack of harmony in those areas, harmony will be restored, sometimes, maybe through separations. So, if you see that you are placed in your Personal Year 6 and your partner, your child, your spouse, or any other close relation that you have, needs your emotional support, you must give it. It is okay to sacrifice a bit of your interest for them. Just see that the cause is worth the sacrifice.



If your Attitude Number is 4, from your upcoming birthday onward, you will see the onset of the Personal Year 7. Till your birthday, you will have the Personal Year 6 running, which is about the home front. There could be changes in the home front or maybe shifting the base. There could also be remodeling and decorating of home during the year 6. You could also be dealing with relationship issues and trying to bring harmony in these areas of your life.

After attending the home front, the Personal Year 7, will be a time of retreat for you. They say; “God made the world in six days and on the seventh day, he rested.” So, the Personal Year 7 will be your time for rest. During the course of the year 7, you may feel more tired than usual, you may not feel like socializing and may wish to spend more time alone. And it is completely alright to feel like that. The year 7 is a great time to go on a vacation to some place which is close to nature. It is a time to reflect back upon your past actions and analyze where exactly you have gone wrong. Mental stress is more likely to increase, so you must allow some rest to your physical body. Leave material worries aside and concentrate more on the spiritual aspects of life. Timing is a very important aspect of numerology; there are times when you have to be more assertive and there are times when you have to lay a bit low. The year 7 would be a time to lay low.



If your Attitude Number is 5, you are going to see the commencement of the Personal Year 8 from your birthday onward. Till your birthday, you will have the Personal Year 7 running, which will mostly be about inner reflection, self-improvement and physical rest. The 7 year is a time when you are supposed to lay a bit low and keep a low profile. You must concentrate on improvising yourself and perfecting your plans. During the tenure of the year 7, your concentration is likely to be maximum and your attention would be deviated towards those things which are missing in your life.

Straight with the onset of the Personal Year 8, you have to be ready for hard work and action. If you had any doubt about how effective you are and how correct your career choices have been, under the influence of the Personal Year 8, all your doubts will be cleared. If your schemes are supposed to work, they will work during the tenure of the Personal Year 8. If they do not work during the year 8, you must the n know, that they will never work at all. The year 8 is the ultimate time for culmination of all your past decisions. It is the time for harvest when you reap the rewards for the seeds that you have sown during the course of the previous personal years. If your decisions in the past have been correct, you will receive rewards and advancements during the Personal Year 8. If they were wrong, you will only find hardships and failures. You need to remember that every failure is a blessing in disguise. It teaches you a lesson that you’d have never learnt without it.

During the year 8, in case you see that your grand plans are not succeeding, you must know that your plans have to be changed. You must waste no time in pursuing them further. When you reverse the symbol of 8, it becomes the symbol of infinity and that is when doors for infinite abundance are opened to you. In ideal situations, i.e. when the year 8 turns out to be a very rewarding year, your work pressure and responsibilities may increase. It will also be a very good time to make some long term investments.



If your Attitude Number is 6, you will see the beginning of the Personal Year 9 from your upcoming birthday onward. Till your birthday, you will have the Personal Year 8 running. The Personal Year 8 is the time of harvest, when you receive the rewards of the seeds that you had sown in the past. The 8 year is either very good, or extremely bad; 8 never gives mid-way results. You will know it, straight from the onset of the year. In case your Personal Year 8 is going good, i.e. if you received advancements and your finances improved. You will then be entering the year 9 with your pot full and overflowing. If that happens, you may then share a little bit of your fortune with people who have been lesser fortunate as compared to you. The other side of the story is, that your Personal Year 8 was full of hardships and failures. In that case, you will land up in the year 9 with an empty pot and with nothing to share. However, what you will still have, is the wisdom gained from the lessons that you learnt through your failure. In that case, you must not shy away from sharing your wisdom.

The year 9 will be a time of cleansing when all the things which are no longer necessary in your life, should either be closed or given away. It is also a perfect time for mental house cleaning. When you clean a room thoroughly, you pick up and examine everything that is there. Some things you look with love as they bring you positive memories. So, you dust them, clean them and keep them safely. Other things may seem to be too unimportant, so you dump them and get rid of them. They are no longer needed for your evolution. This is exactly what you need to do with your mind during the Personal Year 9. You could be changing jobs, your children could be leaving home or getting married. All in all certain things that you are dearly attached to, could be going away. Due to this, the cycle of 9 can be a very emotional one. The major lesson that you are about to learn during the course of the Personal Year 9 is the lesson of letting go. Also with that, you are to be compassionate to all. Any act of selfishness will not act your favor during the course of this year.



If your Attitude Number is 7, in that case, from your birthday onward, you are about to enter the Personal Year 1. Till your birthday, you will have the Personal Year 9 running. The Personal Year 9 is a time of closures; you could have changed your job, you could have shifted your residence, your children could have gotten married or left home for higher studies. All in all, certain things that you were very attached to, were taken away from you and all you could do is to let go. 9 is a very emotional cycle of cleansing when certain things which are no longer necessary with respect to your evolution, go away.

After the year 9, the Personal Year 1 is all about fresh beginnings. When major endings are followed by major beginnings, what basically happens is a vital transition. Transitions are always very difficult times, because they bring with them a lot of confusion over the direction of life. You begin to feel uncertainty and sometimes a void. However, with the onset of the Personal Year 1, a clear sense of direction and purpose is gained again. You again get to feel a fresh rush of driving force and adrenaline. You start having an inner knowing about what is to be done and you have to take the first step towards doing it. You are free from the old attachments because you have to wholeheartedly take up this new mission in life. You have to strongly make up your mind and stand by your belief and ideas. Whatever you decide upon during the course of the Personal Year 1, shall shape up the next cycles in your future.



If your Attitude Number is 8, from your upcoming birthday onward, you shall be entering the Personal Year 2. Till your birthday the Personal Year 1 will be running for you. This means that you have already undergone a major transition in your life. And during the course of the Personal Year 1 you have already made up your mind on something, which is the ideal time to make new beginnings. So most likely, if you are timed correct, you have set in motion some project or an idea. You have taken some major action during the year 1. And the course of the Personal Year 2, is the time to follow through. During the tenure of this Personal Year, you have to show patience and  co-operation. The Personal Year 2 wouldn’t be an ideal time for fresh decision making, rather, it is better if you postpone them, given the fact it is not something unavoidable. You have to be very diplomatic and to a certain degree also secretive so that you are just about able to keep the ball rolling. Do not rock the boat. Avoid confrontations at all cost because they will not work in your favor ultimately and you will end up creating enemies. Maybe the enemies that you create, could be important links whom you would be needing in the future. So, be extremely diplomatic and try to maintain peace. 2 is indicative of hidden elements, hence you have to be doubly careful about what you speak. People could be having mixed feelings about you, there could be hidden enemies who’d be difficult to spot,  and what you see on the surface could be far from truth. So, you have to wait it out and allow the fog to clear.



If your Attitude Number is 9, from your upcoming birthday onward, you will be entering the Personal Year 3. Till your birthday, the Personal Year 2 will be running for you. The Personal year 2 is about having a diplomatic, patient, tolerant, grounded and co-operative attitude. It is about keeping it a bit low profile and silently nurturing the seeds that were sown. It is about avoiding confrontations at all cost and trying not to create enemies.

The Personal Year 3, which will begin from your birthday onward, will be about expressing yourself freely and creatively. 3 supports expression and it is easier for you to share your feelings in a more efficient way during a 3 running time. You have to be optimistic and enjoy all the good things in life. You should dress up and be ready to socialize. There will be traveling, meeting new people and having a fun time. If you have been planning to throw a grand party, this will be an ideal time to do so. You will come out as a great host and also receive a good footfall.

The year 3 is usually seen to be a lucky time. Popularity comes easily and chances of success are heightened. Just that it needs some discipline and focus. The only fear is that one can be scattering the resources and energies. If you can focus on your work and discipline yourself, you will notice that some of your projects will pick up some speed. Problems will be easier to resolve and paths will open. If you cannot focus, you might have to face missed deadlines and disappointments.

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