The Month of September 2020 is about to set in and it is the 9th month of the Universal Year 2020/4 which makes it the Universal Month 4. So, here we have the Universal Month 4 acting in combination with the energy of the Universal Year 4 as well. So, it can be said, that the impact of the Universal Year 2020/4 is now going to be magnified.

The Month of August 2020 was month 3, and it went on a lighter note. People felt the carefree energy and optimism and were more open towards socializing and appreciating all the good things in life. But now, the energy of September 2020 is going to be much different. This month is going to expose the world to all the hard realities of life. There is no escaping the truth anymore as no one will be given any flights of fancy. We will have to face reality and deal with it through our common sense. We have to maintain a practical, logical, grounded, and budgeted approach.

Apart from that, September 2020 is also going to be a time of a lot of hard work. You have to maintain a systematic and orderly approach and put all things in order. It is a time of organizing and also reorganizing your day to day life. You have to be clear about the priorities of your life and see the basics first. You cannot postpone important decisions or get carried away with the superficialities of life. See if your basic needs are met first. Follow discipline, method, and a step-by-step approach. You have to make square deals, set realistic targets, chase tangible results, and build securities for the future. Doing things keeping in mind the implication of the actions on the future, is important.

This can also be a time when the materialistic side of life may become more important. You have to look into your finances and see if they are taken care of. You have to see if you have invested correctly. In case, there are any pending actions to be taken, do not delay, and take care of it now. Do not take speculative risks and play safe. Do not try to gamble, skip steps, and try luck. Do not squander your money and resources and make a budgeted plan. Save for the future. Also, remember that getting it done quick approach will backfire. You have to put every brick in place and make sure that you didn’t miss a single step.

I would also like to add that you have to see all of it in combination with the energy of your Personal Year and Personal Month numbers as well. To find out more about what your Personal Year number has to say for you, click on the link provided below:

It is important for you to note that all your cycles begin with your precise time of birth. Hence your birthday is a very important day in your life as it will mark the onset of all your yearly cycles. Unlike the Universal Year beginning from the 1st of January and running till the 31st of December, your Personal Years would always begin from your birthday and run till a day before your next birthday.

Knowing your Attitude Number is very important. The Attitude Number is used for deriving all your cycle numbers. For example, if you are born on the 6th of October 1990, your Attitude Number will be Day Number + Month Number = 6 + 10 = 16/7. In this case, your Personal Year Cycle for 2020 will only begin from the 6th of October 2020. Before that, the Personal Year Cycle for 2019 will still be running till the 5th of October 2020.

For the above example, 2020 will be a Personal Year 7 + 4 (Attitude Number + Universal Year Number) = 11/2, and the Month of September 2020 will be 2 + 9 (Personal Year + Month) = 11/2 Personal Month. And this will begin only from 6th of September 2020 and run till the 5th of October 2020 because the specific day number of birth is 6.

Once you have found your Personal Month number, please find the number descriptions provided below.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 1, you must know that you have to do some important decision making now. You have to hold on to your guns and stand for what you feel is correct, but at the same time, do not give into sudden impulses. Try to maintain a level-headed and balanced approach. This can be a time of a lot of hard work for you, and the decisions that you will make now will have a strong impact on the future months. You also have to look into the basics of life and see that your decisions and goals that you set now are realistic. The overall circumstances will ask for attention to details, discipline, common sense, orderliness, systematic approach, and self-belief.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 2, must know that this is going to be a time when you should attempt to solidify your relationships. You have to be very practical and grounded and see that you are able to strike a balance. Show patience and perseverance and don’t rush into decisions. Double-check all the details before deciding because there could be some emotional fog. In case sudden situations arise, try to buy time. Your feelings and sensitivities may take the front seat right now and you may be inclined towards overreacting, but, you must maintain a level-headed, cooperative, and patient approach. Do not become impatient for quick results or overreact. Show a waiting and tolerant attitude. Try to be cooperative, tactful, and diplomatic and avoid conflicts.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 3, you must know that you have to maintain your positivity irrespective of any negativity around. You should make sure that you express your emotions freely and show faith in the flow of the universe, but at the same time, you also remain grounded, budgeted, and practical. Try to be disciplined and orderly, and at the same time, also keep on playing the role of uplifting and motivating people around you. If you like something, appreciate it. If you come up with an idea, express it.

For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 4, you must know that this is really going to be some serious time for you when you won’t be allowed any flights of fancy. It is a time when you must become really practical, disciplined, systematic, and humble. You must look into the basics of life first. Finish off the tasks you were putting off and bring order into your life. Do not procrastinate and simply do what needs to be done. Do not make impractical plans or take speculative risks. See the reality for what it is and use your common sense. Balance your payments; get your financial records straight. Do not try to take short-cuts and follow the fair path.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 5, you must know that this month is going to have a fast tempo for you. Many things will quickly happen in your life and this may become a month of sudden opportunities for you and you should show preparedness to grab them. You must show flexibility and adaptability in dealing with any situation that may come along. At the same time, you should also not forget the overall flavor of the universal month and the universal year which urges each one of us to stay grounded and budgeted. This is why, for you this month, there can be some contradictions. You have to be ready to try out your luck and at the same time, stay grounded and balanced. The nervous energy can be very strong but you have to try and maintain focus and calm.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 6, you must know that the areas of home, family, and relationships is getting activated in your life now. You have to find balance and solidify your home base and pay attention to your relationships. You must secure solid foundations and nurture your loved ones. Give them time and look into the needs of your children first. Making renovations or changing the interiors of your home can also be playing in your mind now. It will be a good time for all that. Try to be tactful and balanced with your dealings.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 7, must know that this would be a month to reflect upon your past actions, contemplate and analyze your next moves. You must look inside yourself and see where all you can improve. Then try to bring upon those improvements. It wouldn’t be a time when you must chase materialistic goals rather you must look into the larger picture and look for the answers to the more profound questions of your life. But when you do that, remember to not lose touch with practicality. Do not forget the basics of your life and become a total recluse. See that the basic order and discipline is not disturbed. Look after your health. Get health checkups done if necessary. Above all, allow yourself some rest.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 8, must know that this is a time to become very practical about life. Look at your finances and make efforts to improve them. Try to be careful with money and spend wisely. Don’t get carried away with superficialities and keep the future in your mind. You can end up having some good luck with money, opportunities, and exposure and once that happens, remember to make correct use of it. Do not refrain from working a little harder and taking some extra responsibilities. If you have a plan, you may try it out now. But try to look for tangible results and make a practical and logical plan.


For all of you who would find September 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 9, you must know that you have already initiated some action during the tenure of the previous Personal Month which was 8 and now you have to allow it to take its own shape. Now, you have to go on just completing the work at hand and keep on clearing the balance sheets. This wouldn’t be a time for making fresh beginnings but bringing closure to certain things that are nearing completion. Don’t postpone tasks and do what needs to be done. Be receptive and compassionate towards whosoever you come across. Deal with them kindly.

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Wish you all good health and prosperity. Take precautions, be safe. This too shall pass.

Many Thanks,

Aditi Ghosh