The Month of November 2020 has just set in and the most interesting thing about November is it is the 11th month of the year and being so, it rules the domain of sudden events which require sudden decision-making and balancing. This month can activate some unexpected and unprecedented situations which would need to be handled with tact and patience.

Apart from that, November is the Universal Month 6, which means that the overall attention of the world as a whole would be moving towards nurturing, securing and protecting the family unit.  Your family and your loved ones would need a little more support from you and you should prepare yourself to undertake little more responsibilities. However, all of it is not your responsibility hence you must use discretion and set your own boundaries. It is important that you take care of yourself too because only when you yourself are taken care of, you can look after others too.

The numbers that are activated right now are the Universal Year number 4, the Month number 11/2 and the Universal Month number 6. All these numbers together indicate the need to be practical and patient. The base values 6 and 2 emphasize the importance of interpersonal relationships and the need to be loving, sacrificing, cooperative, warm, tactful and diplomatic. Controversies may arise, but we must choose to take the path of harmony, balance and peace. This is going to be a great opportunity when we can strengthen our bonds with each other. We must see how we can nourish these bonds and develop more meaningful relationships. 6 also emphasizes on the needs of children. During a 6 activated time, it is important to pay attention to children. It can as well mean your brain children.

We must also keep in mind that we are nearing the point of transition into the next year that may bring many surprises for us. The point of transition always brings some confusions and unsettled feelings about the future, but as soon as we are settled in the New Year we will soon get a clear idea about the direction in which it will be going.

In spite of the Universal energies affecting the world as a whole, the month of November can bring different feel for different people. To find out what it means for you, you have to look into your Personal Year and Personal Month Numbers.

To find out more about what your Personal Year number has to say for you, click on the link provided below:

It is important for you to note that all your cycles begin with your precise time of birth. Hence your birthday is a very important day in your life as it will mark the onset of all your yearly cycles. Unlike the Universal Year beginning from the 1st of January and running till the 31st of December, your Personal Years would always begin from your birthday and run till a day before your next birthday.

Knowing your Attitude Number is very important. The Attitude Number is used for deriving all your cycle numbers. For example if you are born on the 3rd of March 1990, your Attitude Number will be Day Number + Month Number = 3 + 3 = 6. In this case, your Personal Year Cycle for 2020 has only begun from the 3rd of March 2020. Before that, the Personal Year Cycle for 2019 was still running till 2nd of March 2020.

For the above example, 3rd of March 2020 onwards, the Personal Year 6 + 4 (Attitude Number + Universal Year Number) = 10/1 has begun and the Month of November 2020 therefore will be 10/1 + 11/2 (Personal Year + Month) = 21/3 Personal Month. For simplicity, I am showing you the meanings of the single-digit base values only. If you wish to know the meanings of the double-digit base values, you need to read my book; “All is One”

Kindly note: For the above example, the duration of the Personal Month 3 will be from 3rd of November’2020 to the 2nd of December 2020.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 1, you must know that this will be your time to act responsible and take initiatives. You will be put in a decision-making position and you will have to take a stand based on facts and logic. You should use the delicate art of diplomacy, coupled with continued perseverance, but at the same time, also call a spade a spade. You have to maintain your center, stay focused and keep on moving ahead. You must show belief in your abilities, be clear about your objectives and goals and be assertive and confident.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 2, you must know that this is going to be a time when you should really consider your relationships seriously. You will be called upon to do the balancing act, as a mediator. You have to achieve harmony by restoring peace and settling disputes. You should also pay attention to your close relationships and give in to your emotional side. Be supportive, tactful, flexible and loving. Avoid direct confrontations and only do things that are politically correct. Even if situations become stressful, don’t retaliate. Show patience and perseverance and don’t rush into decisions. Double check all the details before deciding because there could be some emotional fog which can blur the clarity of mind. In case sudden situations arise, try to buy time. Show a waiting, patient and tolerant attitude.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 3, you must know that you have to maintain your positivity and liveliness come what may. You should play the role of encouraging your loved ones and your community. You should make sure that you express your emotions freely and show faith in the flow of the universe. You are the light-worker now, so show  Be open to new ideas and be creative with how you do things. Do not go for the conventional route and try offbeat methods. If you like something, do not refrain from appreciating it. If you come up with a good idea, don’t hold it back and express it. Express in a way that naturally comes to you. Give in to your emotional side and enjoy the love in the air.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 4, you must know that this is going to be a time which may demand quite a bit of effort and hard-work from your side. You need to become increasingly practical and pragmatic. You won’t be allowed much flights of fancy, so you must get to work. Be disciplined, systematic and also humble. Look into the basics of your life first. Finish off the tasks you were putting off and bring order into your life. Do not procrastinate and simply do what needs to be done. Do not make impractical plans or take speculative risks. See the reality for what it is and use your common sense. Balance your payments; get your financial records straight.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 5, you must know that this is going to be a month of some contradictions for you. The Universal Month energy demands attention towards the home-front, but you will be more motivated towards travelling outside. There will be some restless energy that you can be dealing with and you have to find quirky outlets to vent it out. This month might as well bring some surprises or unexpected situations for you that you will have to deal with by showing flexibility. Also, for you this month is going to have a very fast tempo. Many things will quickly happen in your life. You may as well find some sudden and unexpected opportunities coming your way and you must show preparedness towards grabbing them.  Be creative, communicate your feelings, and be social and expressive. The nervous energy of the month for you can be very strong but you have to try and maintain focus and calm.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 6, you must know that the energy of 6 is getting further strengthened for you because the Universal Month number is also 6. Therefore, the areas of home, family and relationships are getting strongly activated in your life now. There can be some changes or adjustments in these areas. You have to find balance and solidify your home base and pay attention to your relationships. You must look into the interest of your children first. Give them your time and encouragement.  Give time to your family. Making renovations or changing the interiors of your home can also be playing in your mind now and this is going to be a favorable time for all that. All in all, try to bring harmony in life. Look into the well-being of your family and also yourself. Try to be tactful and balanced in all your dealings.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 7, you must know that this is going to be a time of some contradictions for you. The overall energy of the Universal Month is towards paying attention to home, family and children, but you may feel a deep need for spending some time alone. Domestic responsibilities may look tiresome to you and you will feel more inclined towards the need for self-improvement and spirituality. What you have to do is, you have to strike a balance between what others need from you and what you need from your own life. You must also express your inner feelings to your loved ones and make sure that you are not misunderstood. You should slow down a bit, leave material worries aside and replenish your soul. Spend time in nature or close to water bodies. Reflect upon your past actions, contemplate and analyze your next moves. Look inside and see where all you can improve. Then try to bring upon those improvements into life. Look into the larger picture and the direction of your life. Look after your health and take ample rest. Do not overexert yourself and push yourself to hard.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 8, must know that this is a time to when many opportunities could be coming your way and doors could be opening. You need to be ready with a plan of action. You need to target logical and tangible results. You must also look at your finances and make efforts to improve them. Try to be careful with money and spend wisely. This can be a very lucky time for you and be prepared to take full advantage of it. Do not refrain from working a little harder and taking some extra responsibilities. If you have a plan, you may try it out now. Don’t wait and make your move. Monetarily a very favourable time is opening up for you.

For all of you who would find November 2020 majorly to be your Personal Month 9, you must know that you have already initiated some action during the tenure of the previous Personal Month which was 8 and now you have to allow it to take its own shape. Trust the natural flow of life and leave most of the things to the almighty. Things will fall in place, on their own. Complete the work at hand and clear the balance sheets. Do not try to initiate anything new right now. Take time to rejuvenate and replenish your energies. Share your wisdom and experience with others. Be receptive and compassionate towards whosoever you come across. Deal with them kindly. Also show readiness to accept change. Let go what needs to go, let be what needs to be.

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