Finally, the year of many hardships, 2020, is about to be over, and the fresh new year 2021 is going to set in. 2021 is the Universal Year 5 and as soon as the month of January 2021 sets in, we are all going to feel the strong influence of the year number 5. 5 is a very progressive and fast paced number, and so the year is definitely going to have a very fast momentum. It is going to be filled with exciting and also sometimes surprising events and may feel like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. We will get the opportunity to create a bridge towards all the possibilities of life.

There will be ample opportunities for travelling far and wide and so, the travel industry is most likely going to recover. With that, the hospitality industry is also going to gain momentum. People are going to feel more optimistic and carefree about life as compared to before as they will receive ample information that will help them to cope up with the situation better. As a matter of fact, the number 5 also stands for information and communication, and so, we are most likely going to be bombarded with loads of information. However, the certain order that was being set during the year 4, is not going to go away very soon, but the panic situation around it, might ease out quite a bit. If you would like to know more about how the upcoming year 2021 is going to be, please click on the link watch the video.

The Month of January 2021 reduces to the Universal Month 6 and so the New Year is going to begin with this 6 energy that will bring all the focus towards the family front. Taking care of domestic responsibilities, everyday routines, chores, home decoration and also redecoration, and changes happening at the home front will keep us more occupied this month. We have to take care of our loved ones and provide them with emotional support. We have to work on our relationships and build stronger bonds.

This year will be all about change and adventure and the month of January may bring adjustments at the home front. How well this is going to work for you will also depend on your running Personal Month numbers. In the video link provided, I have explained the basic calculations.

Once you have found your Activated Personal Month numbers, kindly come back to check the meanings for your activated numbers for the month of January 2021.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 1, you must know that this will be your time to take your responsibilities more seriously. You will be put in a decision-making position and you will have to balance your decisions by also considering the interests of your loved ones. You have to maintain your centre, stay focused and keep on moving ahead. This will also be a good time for you to start a new project or a relationship. Your creative energies and the clarity of your mind during this time would also be pretty high, so you may as well try to create something new.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 2, you must know that this is not going to be the time for you to be assertive. You must slow down, stop and listen to your intuition. You may find many revelations that will compel you to look around and observe. You will be called upon to do the balancing act, as a mediator. You have to achieve harmony by restoring peace and settling disputes. Be supportive, tactful and loving. Show patience and faith in the flow of life and don’t rush into decisions. Double check all the details before making any decision because there could be some hidden elements. In case sudden situations arise, try to buy time. Show a waiting, patient and tolerant attitude.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 3, you must know that you have to maintain your positivity and liveliness come what may. Make plans to socialise in some way. Spend time talking to friends, relatives or co-workers. Keep on encouraging and uplifting people around you. However, at the same time, also make it a point that you don’t overindulge in partying and maintain some discipline. Your creative mind will also be very active during this time, so be receptive towards the new ideas that are coming in and try to apply them. Or simply be a bit creative and innovative with how you do things. Express yourself in a way that naturally comes to you.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 4, you must know that this is going to be a time when you will have to do some planning and groundwork to set things in motion. All that you will do now or will decide upon, will shape up the future time for you, so, look into all the details carefully and plan for the future. This time, may demand quite a bit of effort from your side, so you must get to work. Finish off the tasks you were putting off and bring order into your life. Balance your payments; get your financial records straight. These are very small, yet tedious things. They are also very necessary to bring about an order to life. You have to go on following through.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 5, must know that change will be activated in your life now, and changes may happen most possibly in your home front. Your previous plans may get a bit rearranged or even altered with or even without your consent. You may find some appointments getting rescheduled, or some sudden situations coming up. And all that you have to do is, keep away from fighting them, rather maintain a positive and flexible approach and an upbeat energy, and try to work around these little issues and move ahead with them. The month 5 is also known to be bringing opportunities in disguise. So, try to be receptive so that you are able to see them. You may as well feel the urge for travelling and this month will surely be very favourable for that. Other than the little adventure which is always a part and parcel of 5, you must know that the luck factor for you will be highly activated this month.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 6, must know that this month is really going to be a time of domestic responsibilities getting activated for you. You will really have to juggle personal space and domestic duties and bring about a balance between the two. You will have to be supportive and diplomatic, and try not to rock the boat right now. Be very diplomatic now. Find ways to resolve conflicts and bring peace. You must take special care and look into the interests of your children now. Give them your time and encourage them to do new things.  Also give time to your spouse and enjoy some time off. In case conflict exists between two people, separation is also a way in which harmony can be brought. This month will bring your home front into limelight and some changes may happen in your home. It could also be the little renovations that you make to your home or even some building or rebuilding that you may do.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 7, you may feel a slowdown in the momentum and may feel a bit sluggish. This could be a result of overwork or worrying to much, so you need to go a bit slow and leave material worries aside this month. Take some rest and rejuvenate, and look after your physical and mental well-being. You may feel more like staying indoors and not socializing much, so you can have your time alone and delve into the depths of any subject that inspires you. You may as well go through some deep reflection and introspection and may feel inclined towards some sort of spiritual discipline.  Just look inside and see where all you can improve and then try to slowly bring upon those improvements into life. Look into the larger picture of life and see where it is going.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 8, must know that for you, responsibilities at the work-front could be increasing and you would need to be ready with a plan of action now. You have to show willingness to put effort and achieve tangible results. You must also look into your finances and set them straight. You should balance your payments and look into your investments. If you maintain a practical approach and do your groundwork correctly, you will find yourself to be having an upper hand now. You must maintain a business-minded approach to deal with every situation that will arise now. You should prepare yourself to take advantage of this strong period that is arising now. You can advance your position and make it stronger. At any cost, do not lose the sight of your target and maintain focus.

For all of you who would find January 2021 majorly to be your Personal Month 9, you must know that you have already initiated some action during the tenure of the previous Personal Month which was 8, and now you have to allow it to take its own shape. Trust the natural flow of life and leave most of the things to the almighty. Things will fall in place, on their own. Complete the work at hand and clear the balance sheets. Do not try to initiate anything new right now. Take time to rejuvenate and replenish your energies. Share your wisdom and experience with others. Be receptive and compassionate towards whosoever you come across. Deal with them kindly and mindfully. Also show readiness to accept change. Let go what needs to go, let be what needs to be. Show acceptance and faith in the flow of life and allow life to simply flow.

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